The Joy of Yardwork! — Mitch Teemley (Too Good Not to Share :-D)

Way back in 2019 BC (Before Coronavirus) yardwork was a heinous chore. But now, in the year 2020 AD (After the Disease), I actually look forward to the times I get to visit that mystical place called “Outside.” I mowed last weekend, and actually enjoyed it! It turns out the sun is still sunny. The […]

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Everyone Should Hear This Advice — James Altucher

Great Advice from James Altucher, author of the bestseller Choose Yourself:

When I was a kid, and often now, I felt ugly and different. Not just for my looks. But my thoughts, the things that I was interested in that other kids weren’t. My beliefs. And, of course, acne, braces, glasses, wild hair, unathletic, didn’t care about sports, was bullied. I loved TV for often giving…

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