Welcome to My World

Remember when washing your hands fifty times a day and disinfecting every surface in a room after someone coughs or sneezes, meant there was something wrong with you?

Welcome to my world! Germophobic, PTSD, a little bit of ADHD and OCD… I was born for a time like this!  😀

BONUS: Isolating in your home as much as possible and wearing a face mask when you have to go out in public, are now encouraged. Which means I don’t have to worry about socializing when I’m not feeling up to it, or putting on makeup, or trying to hide those deepening lines around my mouth that used to be dimples.

This weather has been downright freaky, though. We live in eastern New Mexico, less than an hour’s drive from Texas, and we have been getting hit with some of the deep arctic freeze that is battering our neighboring state. Thankfully we only lost power twice, once for just a couple of seconds, and another time for a little under an hour. The alarm going off on my husband’s oxygen machine woke us up the second time. My big tough hubby said: “I don’t need oxygen.” To which I replied “Famous last words!”  He has mild COPD, so his doctor prescribed an oxygen concentrator and a cpap machine to use when he is sleeping. Call me over-protective, but I believe he needs it!

I took this picture of our outdoor thermometer five days ago, on February 15. Our high temperature that day was only 8 degrees Fahrenheit, and our low was -3. Normally this time of year our daytime high is in the fifties.

Speaking of my awesome husband, he was supposed to be starting radiation therapy for his prostate cancer this month, but all of his medical appointments were cancelled and rescheduled due to the severe weather, impassable streets, and power outages. But his spirits are good. He just made us scrambled eggs and hash browns for dinner. I am so blessed!

I took this picture of our outdoor thermometer today, February 20. From 3 below zero to 71 degrees Fahrenheit, in the same week! The weather is never boring in New Mexico.

Today, our weather went to the other extreme and shot up into the low 70s. Most of our recent snowfall has melted, but not all of it. We got a lot of snow this week. I don’t know how much, because the wind blew the ground bare in some places, with deep drifts in other places. Our normal daytime temperature this time of year is somewhere in the mid to upper 50s. But five days ago the low here was -3 degrees Fahrenheit and the high was only 8. Then today it reached 71 degrees!

Our fur babies loved playing in the snow. Until the wind picked up and the temperature went down into the single digits.

Thank you for stopping by. I’m sending love and ((HUGS)) to my awesome blogger friends. God bless!