When a friend dies


When a friend dies… a neighbor, a church brother, someone you knew was always there with a smile, a wave, a hug, a helping hand, a word of advice and encouragement, a prayer… when he is gone suddenly, without warning, without illness, just gone… although he wasn’t so old and he seemed in good health… you are left with a hole in your life, a hole in your heart, that will never be filled again. Not in this lifetime.

He loaned us his truck four years ago so we could haul the car we had purchased for my daughter to Wyoming. He advised us and prayed with us two years ago when we had concerns about one of our adult children. He helped us dig the grave for our cattle dog after she died in my arms last year. He honked his horn and waved when he was driving by a couple of weeks ago and I was out walking our two rescue dogs.

Every Sunday morning, he gave us a warm hug and asked how we were doing. He taught the evening Bible studies. His understanding of the scriptures and his deep faith and all-consuming love for the Lord were inspiring.

I miss you, Gary.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~