PTSD and some GOOD childhood memories: when I was a little girl/big sissy


My twin sisters were about two or three years old in this picture, which means that I was around nine or ten.

I loved my baby sisters more than anything. Loved being their “big sissy.” For almost seven years I was a lonely only child. From the time I learned how to pray, my number one prayer was asking God to send me a sister or brother. When my mom had twin girls after years of not being able to have a baby due to endometriosis, I thought my prayers had done that. And I believed that God loved me so much, He sent me not just one baby sister, but two!

Our mother ended up having a total of seven children, including me. The youngest was born when I was almost eighteen. I don’t think my prayers caused all of that, lol.

This picture was sent to me about a month ago by my dad’s half sister. My “half aunt” is almost exactly my age. She was born two days after me. Julie (not her real name) and I saw each other a lot when we were very young. But when we were twelve and my parents divorced, we lost touch.

Phone calls were long distance and email did not exist back then. During the past four weeks, my late father’s half sister and I have had an amazing conversation through email. She isn’t the same little girl that I knew in the late 1950s and early to mid 1960s, not at all!

The way that my half-aunt found me and contacted me on December 13 is an interesting story. That will be my next post…