Don’t let them touch you

I really, REALLY needed to read this today! I also needed to read Psalms 94, which another blogger shared this morning. Thank you Pastor Dave, and thanks to Cindy Dawson, author of the blog Real Christian Women, for your timely posts! Today I am going to my son’s wedding rehearsal, and this Sunday I will go to my son’s wedding. A very abusive ex, who almost caused my death twice, will be there today and Sunday, and also on Monday, for a celebration of my granddaughter’s wedding. The two attacks on my life happened in 1988, but I still bear the physical and mental effects. So yes, I needed to read both of these posts, today!

Here is a link to Cindy’s post on Psalms 94: — the link to Pastor Dave’s excellent ‘Don’t let them touch you’ post is below. Thank you so much for stopping by and God bless! ((HUGS))

Grace for my Heart

It’s Narcissist Friday!

(Continuing the series: “For My Grandchildren”)

From the time you were little, your parents and others have told you that people were not supposed to touch you in certain ways. Certain parts of your body were yours alone, and others were not supposed to touch them. This was especially true regarding people who were not your parents or doctors.

You didn’t understand this at the time, but the reason was that touch is a powerful action that breaks down boundaries. Once a boundary is crossed, it is far easier for someone to cross it again. Many teenagers felt this as they dated and experienced relationships.

As an adult, you may have begun to understand that even “innocent” touch can be manipulative and intrusive. There are people who use touch to control, and it works. From shaking hands to an arm around the waist, touch is used by…

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Flying to my son’s wedding – UPDATE

I don’t know what’s going on. After flying from Amarillo to Dallas, the connecting flight out of Dallas to Philadelphia has been delayed for over an hour. It probably has something to do with tropical storm Ida. Fun times!

UPDATE: Finally I have a WiFi connection. My flight out of Dallas was delayed by an hour and a half, due to the tropical storm Ida. The 3 hour 17 minute flight was smooth until the last 30 or 40 minutes, when we hit rough turbulence coming into Philadelphia airport. It was like riding a roller coaster, part of that time. The landing was smooth, yaaay! I almost wanted to kiss the ground but I couldn’t because it was flooded!

The drive to my son’s house took an hour longer than it normally would, because many roads were flooded and several trees were down and lying in the roads because of the storm. We all got Flash Flood Warning notices on our cell phones, telling us not to drive unless you are being evacuated. The car hydroplaned several times, but we made it! 🤗

Rehearsal dinner is tomorrow, the wedding is Sunday. Today I’m just going to recover from my trip. Thank you for stopping by. God bless. ((HUGS)) ❤