Another Helpful Tool For Healing From Narcissistic Abuse

For anyone who has experienced narcissistic abuse, I highly recommend Cynthia’s blog!

Cynthia Bailey-Rug, Christian Author

Whether you are currently suffering at the hands of a narcissist or have suffered narcissistic abuse in the past, chances are you have questioned yourself. Whether they are questions like, “Was the narcissist right about me?” or, “How could I have not seen what this person was really like before we got married?!” I will guarantee you have had many questions. Pretty sure that is just a part of the experience of narcissistic abuse. After all, narcissists want their victims to question themselves & never the narcissist.

You can deal with those questions though & in such a way that it helps you to heal. If you’ve followed my work for long, you know I always recommend starting with prayer. I’m suggesting an effective addition to prayer, not a replacement for it. I’m talking about using simple logic.

Whatever your question is, I strongly recommend asking God to help you…

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