My daughter is very sick — UPDATE 11/29/2020: My daughter does have covid-19

My daughter on the left, me on the right, in 2016.

Please pray. My daughter is very sick. The person she lives with has tested positive for covid-19. My daughter was given a test a few hours ago. She should know the results in a couple of days.

For privacy, I do not use real names on my blog, so I will just give you her initials: J.E. The person she lives with is C.C.

Thank you.


More covid-19 in my extended family

My daughter-in-law, who lives in Pennsylvania with my younger son, just found out that her grandfather has tested positive for covid-19. He has been sick for about two weeks. My daughter-in-law’s mother, and one of her brothers, took him to the hospital. It was there that they learned he has this awful coronavirus.

Because he does not have any health insurance or the money to pay, her grandpa was sent back home, with orders for all three of them to self quarantine.

They live in the Dominican Republic, where my very precious daughter-in-law is from.

Please pray for my daughter-in-law’s grandfather, mother, and brother. Thank you so much.



Military personnel disinfect the area surrounding the statue of Christ the Redeemer, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The popular tourist attraction is due to reopen to visitors on 15 August, following its closure during the coronavirus pandemic.