How This Old Grandma Gets Her Exercise

A shadow selfie

1) Sun rises, big dog awakens me by licking me in the face

2) I let big dog and little dog outside

3) I say: “I’m too tired to walk today, you two play in the yard.”

4) Big dog and little dog go to the gate and smile back at me

5) I walk the dogs 1+ mile round trip to the park.

When Life Gets Tough, Hug a Happy Rescue Dog!

~ ~ ~

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Really Do Exist!

This is not the Ninja turtle, that fellow was moving too fast for a photograph. This is another desert box tortoise that I saved off the street last month.

I THOUGHT TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES were cartoon characters. Fairy tales for children, not something you would ever see in real life. That’s what I used to think, anyway, until I met one face to face.

My husband and I were driving out of town one day when we saw a desert box turtle on the highway. He was heading right toward an oncoming truck.

Now, I am not willing to sacrifice my life for a turtle. But the truck was still a long distance away, so I figured that I could move the animal to a safer location, with no risk to my life and limbs.

Hubby stopped the car, I got out, reached down for the turtle… and he began to SPRINT… still heading straight toward the big semi truck. I had no idea that a turtle could move so fast!

Determined not to be outrun by a tortoise, I ran after the little guy, forgetting all about the 18-wheeler that was bearing down on us. I swooped him up just in time to save his shell from destruction… and mine.

You know the saying about how no good deed goes unpunished? It’s true! The little dickens bit me, HARD. I had a blood blister on my finger for a week.

My Ninja bite

But the worst was yet to come. As I carried him back to our car, the ingrate peed on me. Copiously. I can’t imagine where he was keeping all that liquid, he did not have that big of a shell.

We drove with him, still peeing, to the edge of a large field, where I let him out. The last we saw of the Teenage Mutant Ninja, he was galloping at warp speed toward Texas.

Let Texas have him, I say!

~ ~ ~

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