Dealing with unexpected PTSD triggers


About a month ago, on August 5, to be exact, my PTSD was triggered very badly by an unexpected hate attack from a person I barely know. I was shocked by the deep, intense, soul shaking, emotional PAIN I felt. I thought my PTSD was healed better than that!

Now that nearly a month has passed since this deeply hurtful experience, I feel like I am back to normal. (Or what passes for normal in my case, lol.) I’ve had time to do a lot of thinking, praying, and talking things over with my loving Chaplain husband and with a very wise and dear Christian friend. This is the conclusion I have come to:

I am human. And being human is not a shameful thing. In fact, being human, a creature made by God, in the image of God, is wonderful and awesome. Yes, by the grace of God and thanks to a lot of good therapy, I have done a tremendous amount of healing since the days when my PTSD was at its worst. However, this does not mean that I am now invincible. If you cut me, I will still bleed. And if I feel that you are attacking my basic worth and value as a human being, I will still be triggered. Why? Because I’m not super woman. And not being super woman is perfectly okay!

Here are the links to two inspiring posts on the topic of PTSD triggers by the author Alexis Rose. If, like me, you have been dealing with some trauma triggers recently, I believe these posts will encourage you.

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Da Vinci may have had ADHD, startling study claims


Quoting from Chris Ciaccia in this May 24, 2019 Fox News article:

ADHD has been associated with a negative stigma, but there are benefits to it, Catani wrote in the study, including creativity, notably exemplified by da Vinci. “Arguably, if positively channeled, some characteristics of ADHD can bear an advantage: mind wandering can fuel creativity and originality; restlessness can move to seeking novelty and action for change,” the researcher wrote.

For the full article, please visit this link:

I think our excitable rescue poodle may have a touch of ADHD. And…. maybe me, too. They did not diagnosis this back when I was in elementary school. But, considering that my first grade teacher lost her mind and moved me and my desk out into the hall and closed the door because I wouldn’t/couldn’t be quiet…. Yeah, probably!

But hey, if Da Vinci had it, it can’t be all bad. Right? 😂

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PS: It’s 103 degrees* Fahrenheit right now where I live. So the snowy picture isn’t a recent one, unfortunately. But that’s our rescue poodle, a fun and feisty ball of energy. We call him Scrappy because he is, in every sense of the word.

We 💘💘 our rescue dogs.

*Correction: shortly after I posted this, our dogs needed out. I went with them, and our thermometer reading was 108 in the shade. Whew!