It’s beginning to look a lot like a New Mexico Christmas

My daughter and her boyfriend have fully recovered from covid-19. My son, who had surgery last week to remove a large kidney stone, is recovering nicely. He will have the stent removed today. Thank you, blogger friends, for your prayers!!!

Not even 2020 can take Christmas away!

Top picture: snow and cactus in our back yard. Second picture: our dog, Baby, loves to run and dance in the snow. Third picture: our Merry Christmas Moose. I leave him out on the hearth year round.

Thanks for stopping by. I love my blogger friends! God bless!

My daughter is very sick — UPDATE 11/29/2020: My daughter does have covid-19

My daughter on the left, me on the right, in 2016.

Please pray. My daughter is very sick. The person she lives with has tested positive for covid-19. My daughter was given a test a few hours ago. She should know the results in a couple of days.

For privacy, I do not use real names on my blog, so I will just give you her initials: J.E. The person she lives with is C.C.

Thank you.