2020 is CrAzY!

I live in New Mexico, USA. Three days ago our high temperature was 90 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s 32 Celsius for my Canadian, British, and Dutch friends. In other words — HOT!

Today, just three days later, our temperature barely got above freezing. Our high today was 39 Fahrenheit (a little less than 4 degrees Celsius). The National Weather Service just issued a Winter Weather Warning for our area, to remain in effect for 72 hours. For the next three days, we are expected to have high winds, several inches of snow, ice, and temperatures well below freezing — as low as 17 Fahrenheit, which is -8 Celsius. In other words — COLD!

Three days ago, our temperature felt like the middle of a hot summer. For the next three days, our temperature isn’t expected to get above the freezing point. I have never seen the weather change this much, this fast.

2020 is CrAzY! And we still have two months and six days left to go.

How about you? What has your 2020 been like?