Today is World Poetry Day

I wrote this poem when I was 14 years old, over half a century ago. The German Shepherd that I wrote about in this poem was a dog that my father owned and doted on. The little lost dog, I now realize, represented me. This is a sad poem, because I was a very sad and lonely teenage girl. I thank the Lord that I am in a happy, loved place today!

The Little Lost Dog

The little lost dog
looked sadly ahead
wondering where
he might make his bed
the night was cold
and the world so huge
as the little lost dog
sought a refuge

His limbs were thin
his coat was dull
his eyes were sad
he had no one at all
no food to fill him
no place to go —
was there no one to help
a little lost dog?

A gray German Shepherd
so sleek and so fine
paid the lost dog
nary a mind
“No time,” he shrugged
“I have no time
to help a lost dog
it’s no fault of mine.”

“No time!” said he
“I’ve better things to do
than to fool around
with the likes of you.”
Then he pranced up the road
at a haughty pace
kicking dirt
in the little dog’s face.

The little lost dog
so meek and forlorn
died in the face
of pitiless scorn.

……….. So, maybe that explains why I have picked up three starving dogs off the streets and taken them home. Here they are now, getting treats from my wonderful loving husband: