Pray for the Precious People of Ukraine (and Russia), Traumatized by War — Randy Alcorn’s Blog

“When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, But when a wicked man rules, people groan.” (Proverbs 29:2) The sight of Russian tanks rolling into Ukraine will never be forgotten by many of us. Incredibly, Russian President Vladimir Putin, now a war criminal, asserted that Ukraine does not truly exist as a nation. The sense of…

Pray for the Precious People of Ukraine (and Russia), Traumatized by War — Randy Alcorn’s Blog

Today at our house – 2/2/2022

It is snowing here in New Mexico. I love to watch the snowfall through our dining room window, which overlooks the back yard. We have a tall white mountain pine behind our house, and a view of a mesa mountain. I couldn’t see the mountain this morning, as it was hidden behind the swirling snow. But our pine tree is prominent in the view, it’s branches frosted like a Christmas tree. I love to lean against the wide trunk and look up through the branches at the pine cones. God’s creation is so beautiful!

Right now, I am relaxing on the sofa with our three rescue dogs. The youngest fur baby, an Australian Koolie type, is telling me with her doggy body language that she wants me to take her out into the back yard. She will not go outside on her own. Our small Standard Poodle is the same way. I found all three of our dogs abandoned on the streets, so I suspect that separation anxiety is the culprit for the Poodle and the Koolie. Our big Yellow Lab/Mystery Mix dog, however, is happy to go out into our fenced yard unaccompanied. But for the other two, I will soon have to put on my coat and gloves and hat and go stand in the snow for the third time today.

Two days ago, our outdoor thermometer registered 74 degrees. Right now, it is 15 degrees outside our warm house. Living where the high desert meets the high plains, our weather is never boring. We get tornadoes, the occasional baseball to softball sized hail, massive dust storms, summer heat well into the 100s, and winter nights that occasionally dip below zero. I love it… except for the dust storms and tornadoes. However, I did get a wonderful free dermabrasion one time when I was caught outside in a sudden dust storm!

After taking the dogs out and back in again, I will climb up on my stationary bike and read, or perhaps do a little writing in my memoir, while I pedal away for at least 6 miles, my daily average. It’s what I must do to keep up with the dogs. 😀

Here is a link to the lovely post that inspired me to write about our snowy day:

Marian Beaman has published a wonderful memoir, Mennonite Daughter, The Story of a Plain Girl. If you enjoy reading memoirs like I do, you will love her story. Thank you for stopping by, and God Bless ❤