Urgent prayer!!! — My $.02

Please pray for my blogger friend, Paul Martin, and his family. The details are on his post below. ~ Linda

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST!!!! We were in an accident in Florida! We hit a gator! We now have to spend money that we REALLY don’t have!!! PLEASE PRAY!!!! Nobody was hurt, but this is gonna be expensive, and our jobs DEPEND on us having a vehicle!!! WE NEED A MIRACLE! 😢😢😢🙏🙏🙏Update:Also, we saw an abrasion on […]

Urgent prayer!!! — My $.02

11 thoughts on “Urgent prayer!!! — My $.02

  1. thewheelchairteen June 4, 2021 / 11:32 am

    Thank you for bringing this to all of our attentions. It’s a follower of God’s duty to pray for those in need. I will do what I can praying for Paul, I hope that his situation will improve soon.

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  2. @preacherbiker June 4, 2021 / 8:02 pm

    Prayers up for them

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  3. jarilissima June 9, 2021 / 9:26 am

    💔🙏 Of course. Aw, I feel bad that they think God is punishing them. I don’t think God would do it like that, or hurt them on purpose. It’s probably just an accident ~ but I don’t know them enough to share that.

    I lived in rural Florida once and have hit deer (luckily I wasn’t going fast), big rabbits, armadillos… All that fauna can run out of the woods and onto the road so quickly. It’s actually quite common, so I hope they don’t think God is picking on them especially. Hitting a gator happens in Florida!

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