Illness Changes Personality and Behavior — CynthiaBaileyRug

My blogger friend, Cynthia, wrote the following post. As always, she makes some excellent points. This is a particularly timely topic for me, with the health issues that my husband and I are currently going through.

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When a person faces serious health problems, they change & not only physically.  Their personalities change, too.  That is normal.  Sometimes the personality changes can be very bad. A dear friend of mine lost her husband some time ago after caring for him for several years.  Not long before he died, she told me some […]

Illness Changes Personality & Behavior — CynthiaBaileyRug

Love Yourself — Grace for my Heart

“Narcissists love themselves. Don’t be like them.” We get that message from people who understand neither narcissism nor the Good News. They say that narcissists love themselves too much, so much that they can’t see others. They also say that the Bible teaches us not to love ourselves. That would be the […]

Love Yourself — Grace for my Heart