What’s with all the spam comments?

Has anyone else noticed a huge increase in spam? Lately I have been getting dozens of spam comments a day, adding up to multiple hundreds a week. Nearly all of them say the same thing, in Spanish: Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion? This comment is being posted over and over again, by multiple accounts. The majority of them are being posted to my blog posts that are at least a year old.

I am grateful for Askimet catching most of these nuisance comments and putting them in my trash and spam folders. Still, I like to go through those folders to catch the occasional comment that is not spam and it is time consuming, even using the bulk edit. I also like to block each spammer before deleting their comment, and you cannot block in bulk.

Not being a Spanish speaker, I pasted one of these comments into the Bing translator. This is what Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion? translates to: Thanks a lot. How can I start session?

Which makes zero sense.

Who are these spammer people and why are they doing this? Does anybody know?

Thanks a lot (Muchas gracias). I will now end session. (Ahora terminaré la sesión.) I hope your day is blessed. ❤ Unless you are a spammer, that is! 😠

This is our dog, Baby, staring down my hubby, telling him she does too need another treat. Because this post needs a little cuteness. 🙂

Who’s the boss here? 😉