It’s COLD Outside!

My husband and I live in east central New Mexico, where the high plains and high desert meet. We have the weirdest weather extremes.

One week ago, our daytime temperature was in the upper 70s. Right now, our outdoor thermometer says it is 0 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s 32 degrees below freezing. The weather forecast says that tonight it’s supposed to go down to -7.


A few minutes ago, our electricity went off and then came right back on. We need our electricity to run our furnace.

I’m a little nervous right now…

About 3 hours ago, I was coughing and not feeling well, so I took my temperature and discovered that I had a fever. My temperature was exactly 3 degrees above my normal. I felt a little short of breath and my lungs were aching, so I checked my blood oxygen level. It was only 92. Not good!

Our dogs needed out, so I put on their coats and my coat and out we went. Our outdoor thermometer said it was 4 degrees Fahrenheit at that time. Brrrrrr! The dogs quickly did their business and then we came back inside. I checked my temperature again – it was normal! Then I checked my blood oxygen level – it was 99! Wow! Maybe the extreme cold cured me.

I guess I shouldn’t worry about the sub-freezing temperatures and the electricity. I know God’s got this.

God bless! Sending HUGS and LOVE to my Awesome Blogger Friends. ❀❀❀