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Dear blogger friends: I have remained mostly silent about my political views, because I don’t like arguments. I had more than enough of that sort of thing, in my trauma-filled past. But when I read the following post by the author Leslie Leyland Fields, I knew that I had to share this. Leslie is also a trauma survivor. I am deeply moved by her bravery in boldly sharing the very same thoughts and feelings that I carry inside my heart. Comments are closed here, please read all of Leslie’s post and share your thoughts there. Thank you for stopping by. I love my blog readers, whether you agree with my ideas and beliefs or not. God bless! ~Linda


My last post was on the eve of the New Year. I wrote about 2021 storming in and how to face the new year with courage. I had no idea about the storm that would hit just one week later—- ———the storm of rioters who crashed the capitol. We’ve all seen the chilling footage of…

Making Christians Great Again — Blog – Leslie Leyland Fields