In the first week of the year – updated with a PS

In the first week of the year, my husband was told by his doctor that he has prostrate cancer, Gleason stage 7. I love my husband so much, I feel like WE have cancer.

In the first week of the year, I sat in front of our television and watched a live broadcast as an angry mob broke into the U.S. Capitol building, while the electoral votes were being counted. The chaos and violence brought back vivid memories of the abuse that caused my PTSD.

In the first week of the year, I am determined. Nothing is going to shake my faith. Nothing is going to hinder my prayers. Nothing is going to stop my praises.

I still have SO MUCH to be grateful for. Even in the first week of this year.

My husband ❤❤❤

PS. I initially posted this last night. Then I unpublished it, because my emotions were in such a whirl. I was thinking that with all the craziness going on in the news, people didn’t need to read about our worries, too.

But now, after finally getting a few hours of sleep, I am feeling a lot calmer and I decided to post this again, because we really could use your prayers for my husband. We will be meeting with his doctor this coming Tuesday, to discuss the options. My husband’s doctor told him over the phone that he wants to treat this cancer agressively, because ‘you are young and healthy.’ Hearing that made us both feel a lot better.

God bless you, blogger friends. I love you guys.

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  1. The Eclectic Contrarian January 7, 2021 / 10:17 am

    I felt like I had PTSD yesterday as well. I spent much of the day in prayer. Sharing everything I felt the Lord share with me with my church.

    I wish I had the ultimate words that could bring comfort and strength right now. Truth be told, I’m not sure there are any. I think we have to have time to heal (however much) and the words will come in time.

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      • The Eclectic Contrarian January 7, 2021 / 10:44 am

        It’s crazy… feels like the day after 9/11….

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  2. Sue Cass January 7, 2021 / 10:22 am

    Just what is going on with politics is enough to give anyone PTSD. Prayers for you and hubby and so glad you’ve been able to settle down a bit. These are definitely trying times but the Lord is our Rock.

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    • Linda Lee/Lady Quixote January 7, 2021 / 10:35 am

      Yesterday, after seeing all that violence happening live on the TV, I walked outside to get the mail and I felt like rioters were going to attack me. I felt this way, even though no one was around and our town had been quiet all day. It’s crazy! But yes, God is our Refuge and our Rock.

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  3. January 7, 2021 / 10:43 am

    Linda, I know the pain you are going through. My husband was diagnosed with the same thing seven years ago. I felt as you do, that we both had this disease. When you’re truly united as husband and wife, those are natural feelings. Paul went through radiation and has been cancer free since. Every time he had his PSA count done however, he would panic a little when it went up. Together we decided to let it go and let God take it on. I believe the radiation did more damage than the cancer did, but Paul is doing well these days and at 78 he’s starting to get his strength back and continues to trust in God’s guidance. Cancer is an ugly and scary word, but there are many ways of treating this disease. I’ll pray for your husband and you as well. Anxiety is such a normal emotion these days. I pray also that there is an end to the hatred and violence that’s inundated our country. The only answer, in my opinion, is a return to God. Love you to pieces and hope this too shall pass.

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    • Linda Lee/Lady Quixote January 7, 2021 / 5:29 pm

      Oh, Kathy… thank you SO MUCH for your encouraging words, your love, your prayers, and your empathy. For some reason, I did not see your precious comment until now. Thank you!! ❤

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      • January 7, 2021 / 8:35 pm

        You are very welcome❤️

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  4. Georgetta Head January 7, 2021 / 11:28 am

    Father God, we lift our Sister Sister Linda’s husband before you in prayer. We ask for divine healing in her husband’s body. We know that nothing is impossible with you, so we trust in you to perform a supernatural miracle in his body to destroy the enemy of cancer in his body. Please comfort Linda with your peace and assurance. We thank you in advance for hearing our prayer and for your healing touch. In Jesus Precious Name Amen.

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  5. bornagain732 January 7, 2021 / 12:03 pm

    ((((((( ❤️ )))))))

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  6. ibikenyc January 7, 2021 / 12:30 pm

    Seconding what Georgetta Head said above ❤

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  7. ibikenyc January 7, 2021 / 12:31 pm

    Oh, Linda. My prayers for you both.

    He IS “young and healthy.”

    {{{{{HUGS}}}}} and ❤

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  8. Bruce Cooper January 7, 2021 / 1:50 pm

    I’ll be praying for both of you Linda Lee. I had the same cancer twenty five years ago and I’m still here! Blessings!

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    • Linda Lee/Lady Quixote January 7, 2021 / 2:20 pm

      Thank you, Bruce. That is very encouraging. I know this particular type of cancer is rarely fatal. But when it happens to someone I love so much, it feels very serious. My husband had high exposure to the dangerous herbicide Agent Orange– it was actually sprayed right on him. The correlation between high exposure to Agent Orange/Dioxin and various deadly cancers has me on edge.


  9. Rocky January 7, 2021 / 2:37 pm

    I will add you and your husband to my prayer list.

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  10. Anonymous January 7, 2021 / 7:06 pm

    “ I love my husband so much I feel like we have cancer”
    I don’t know if I’ve ever heard anything more beautiful in my life.
    I believe a Love like that could heal anything.
    I will petition the One who’m that Love comes from, that all that you ask from Him, you will receive.
    You brought me to tears.
    Glory to Jesus Christ

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    • Linda Lee/Lady Quixote January 7, 2021 / 8:03 pm

      Awww. Now you have me in tears. God bless you and thank you for your prayer!


  11. Tricia January 7, 2021 / 9:11 pm

    Love your attitude Linda. Many prayers of health and peacefulness for you and your husband.

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  12. adamjasonp January 7, 2021 / 9:44 pm

    Praying for wellness 🙏🏽


  13. mrsmariposa2014 January 7, 2021 / 10:38 pm

    Hugs and prayers, my friend. May you and your husband feel God’s arms around you, guiding you through these frightening tines. ❤

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  14. ken riddles January 8, 2021 / 4:02 am

    When my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the rock that is higher than I – He will lead you to a higher place – as you stand on The Rock Christ Jesus – love and prayers.

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  15. ourlittleredhouseblog January 8, 2021 / 12:09 pm

    Oh Linda, this breaks my heart to hear. I am sending BIG prayers your way and will continue to keep you both in my prayers. You keep me strong in my faith with what you wrote here.

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  16. successbmine January 8, 2021 / 4:10 pm

    Praying for you and your husband, Linda. We have a very big God who loves you both with more love than we can ever imagine. May He speak healing and wholeness into your husband’s body right now and prevent further damage in the future from Agent Orange. May He fill you both with courage and hope and peace throughout this ordeal. God bless you both.

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  17. Anna Waldherr January 10, 2021 / 6:27 am

    You and your husband are in my prayers, Linda. May God watch over you both. ❤

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  18. Paul Martin January 13, 2021 / 8:48 am


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    • Linda Lee/Lady Quixote January 13, 2021 / 8:56 am

      Thank you! We met with the doctor yesterday and we both were greatly relieved by the end of the visit. My husband will have radiation therapy every day, Monday through Friday, for approximately eight weeks, give or take a few weeks, depending on how the tumors respond. After that, he should be fine!


        • Linda Lee/Lady Quixote January 13, 2021 / 4:07 pm

          Thank you so much. I’m praying for you and your family, for your son’s health, and for a safe, comfortable, and affordable place for you and your family to live.

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    • Linda Lee/Lady Quixote January 14, 2021 / 7:13 pm

      Thank you! We finally were able to talk with his doctor a couple of days ago and he set our minds at ease. Per the doctor’s recommendation, my husband will have radiation therapy every day, Monday through Friday, for approximately eight weeks, give or take a few weeks, depending on how the tumors respond. After that, the cancer should be gone! ((HUGS)) back. ❤

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  19. Cathy January 18, 2021 / 1:59 pm

    We will add both your husband and you to our daily prayer list. ❤️

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  20. Paul Martin January 23, 2021 / 12:04 pm

    Linda, hoping you’ll see this… been praying daily for you and your husband. Hope all is well, my sister in Christ! ❤️ From Delaware!!! 🙏

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  21. ibikenyc January 24, 2021 / 2:09 pm

    Still praying and thinking about you two 🙂 ❤

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  22. Steve Beckham January 27, 2021 / 4:52 pm

    Linda Lee, I think I would like your husband. I’m a pastor and a biker, too, although from his picture I suspect he rides a cruiser and I ride a sportbike set up for sport touring and carving the twisties.

    I had prostate cancer and had a prostatectomy back in 2014 followed by radiation therapy. There was a lot about it that was worrisome, but I just kept reminding myself of what St. Paul said in Romans–nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. I’m still here, still riding and preaching and looking forward to retiring in a year or so. I’ll keep you and your husband in my prayers. Courage, dear heart. God is good. Life is eternal. Love is immortal. Take the days one at a time and find the joys and laughter hidden in each. Shed the tears when they come. Let fear be your teacher, but not your captor or master.

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    • Linda Lee/Lady Quixote January 27, 2021 / 5:18 pm

      Your beautiful, encouraging words have me in tears. Thank you. God bless you.


  23. capost2k January 29, 2021 / 7:39 am

    A dear friend who led my wife to faith in Jesus when she was an immigrant University student has been diagnosed with a terminal cancer. Her story will be on my blog on Saturday, February 6. She is such a woman of faith, the songs she sings include You’ll Never Walk Alone and Precious Lord, Take My Hand.
    It is so awesome to know there is no sting in death, no victory of the grave! We win because He wins!! We live because He lives!!! Hallelujah!!!!
    Thanx for this marvelous blog!
    Praying for your handsome hubby and for you. 🙂

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    • Linda Lee/Lady Quixote January 29, 2021 / 10:03 pm

      Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers. My husband had an MRI with contrast dye two days ago to determine the extent of the cancer. We will meet with the radiologist on Monday to discuss the findings.

      I keep focusing on the many things we have to be thankful for, and the assurance that this life is only the beginning for the Christian. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

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