My Tarantula Attack Versus The Presidential Debate

A couple of hours before last night’s presidential debate, I was in the backyard with our two dogs when I saw a big, hairy tarantula. Our curious dogs saw it, too. To protect them from possible injury, I rushed over to get rid of the nasty critter, and got a face full of stinging urticating hairs in the process.

After taking care of that little emergency, I turned on the TV and watched the debate in its entirety. After that, I could not get to sleep until almost 3:30 in the morning.

I’m seriously not sure which experience was worse: the tarantula attack or the debate.

Job’s Friends – updated with a P.S.

I am so thankful that the vast majority of the people who commented on my previous post, responded with understanding, compassion, empathy, kindness, and love. The last thing we need when we are hurting and discouraged is for someone to tell us how WRONG we are to feel that way.

I love my caring blogger friends.

P.S. All of the comments that I received and have approved and posted on my previous blog, were great. So please don’t think that I am calling any of you sweet people ‘Job’s friends.’

Here’s a very cool thing that happened. Shortly after I posted this blog, I checked my phone and found that a pastor friend had sent me two texts with Bible verses from the book of Job. He sent those texts before I had even written this post, and he had no way of knowing that Job and his unsympathetic, condemning friends were on my mind. Wow!! I think that was another little love note from God.