You Can’t Avoid Criticism

I am reposting this article from the blog Marketing Christian Books, because it’s really, REALLY good. Even if you have no intention of ever writing a book, as a blogger or just as a living, breathing human being, sooner or later you are going to run into criticism.

As someone with PTSD stemming from an abusive and traumatic childhood, I grew up with almost daily, nitpicky fault finding. So being criticised can be a painful trauma trigger for me. Being criticised is never fun for anyone, but it can be an opportunity for learning and growth, as this article explains. And sometimes, criticism is good for a laugh. Yes, really! Read on, and you will see what I mean.

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Marketing Christian Books

I know a retired pastor who continues to be active in his church and teach or preach whenever he is invited to do so. He recently was criticized quite severely by a member of his church for:

  • Preaching without notes.
  • Being able to quote passages from the Bible without reading them.
  • Drawing large crowds whenever he teaches.
  • Speaking the truth (because truth makes people uncomfortable).

You Can't Avoid Criticism

Wow. These are all things one would usually commend someone for. Instead, someone criticized this retired pastor for these things.

Why? I don’t think we will know the answer this side of eternity, and it really is not important. What I believe this scenario illustrates is that we will always have critics.

If you do anything publicly—author a book, speak to a group, write a blog post or article, post on social media—someone is going to disagree with you. There is always someone in a…

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