I Hate Masks!

AWESOME!! I especially love the way Mitch ended this post:

“So, here’s the deal: I’ll wear a DYSC mask so you don’t die, and I would really appreciate it if you wear one so I don’t die. Deal? Oh, and (bonus point if you figured this out) the more we wear the nasty things now, the sooner the freaking virus will die (instead of us)… And we can finally take them off!”

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Mitch Teemley

OIP1GTLWKB1Note: Not an actual picture of me at a restaurant, but a very close facsimile.*

Last Sunday, my wife and I atein the fabled part of a restaurant known as “Inside.” Except for while we were actually eating (the intake of “food” requiring access to a facial orifice called a “mouth”) we wore our DYSC (Die You Stupid Coronavirus) masks.

And then we went to an even more exotic place, an art museum–one of those “Indoor” kind! And as requested, we wore our DYSC masks the entire time. All told, we had the cursed Alien facehuggers on for at least four hours.

And I hated it!

I have an aversion to discomfort. It probably has something to do with my OCD or my ADHD. Or maybe my PTBCD (Preferring to be Comfortable Disorder). Also, my nose runs when I wear my DYSC mask. Which means I sniffle non-stop, creating…

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