8 thoughts on “Rest.

  1. Renee/Heart Tokens June 2, 2020 / 11:54 am

    He always gives me strength when I have went my limit when I come to in prayer. Thanks for sharing this! I needed that reminder!

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    • Lady Quixote/Linda Lee June 3, 2020 / 8:40 am

      Oh my goodness, your comment went into my spam folder. I’m glad I checked and found it.

      How are they going to handle it is a very good question. I do know that everyone in the courtroom is going to be required to wear a mask, with the exception of the judge, who may take off his mask when he speaks, if he so desires. Beyond that, I guess I will find out when I get there. Will someone be checking temperatures, before allowing us into the courthouse? I hope so! And what about the jury box and the jury room? Those spaces are much too small for social distancing.

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  2. mrsmariposa2014 June 3, 2020 / 10:07 am

    Love this verse, Linda! Thanks for reminding me of it. Prayers for jury duty to go well. ❀

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