24 thoughts on “Stay At Home Order #Boredom

  1. Sue Cass April 20, 2020 / 7:57 am

    Be of good cheer my friend, it will get better. lol

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  2. atimetoshare.me April 20, 2020 / 8:14 am

    Funny, I’ve never looked in my spam folder. I better check it out.

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    • ibikenyc April 20, 2020 / 9:57 am


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  3. ibikenyc April 20, 2020 / 9:59 am

    That is funny; LOL!

    Cute cartoon. Thanks for the chuckle 😀

    How are your New York Grands doing? Better, I hope ❤

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    • Lady Quixote/Linda Lee April 20, 2020 / 5:59 pm

      My granddaughter and her husband are doing much better. He is almost back to normal, and my granddaughter only has a mild cough and some nasal stuffiness, at this point. Thank you so much for your prayers. ❤❤

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      • Sue Cass April 20, 2020 / 6:38 pm

        Praise God. So glad to hear they are so much better by the grace of God and His healing.

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      • ibikenyc April 20, 2020 / 10:49 pm

        You are very welcome 🙂

        Your good news is a balm for my soul ❤

        We've been gettin' HAMMERED here for weeks with awful news. It's wonderful to "know" someone who's doing well.

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        • Lady Quixote/Linda Lee April 21, 2020 / 7:59 pm

          Sorry, I don’t know how I missed seeing this comment that you left … 21 hours ago? Maybe because it wasn’t in my spam, lol!

          My granddaughter and I had a nice text conversation today. She said at this point, about the only thing that’s bothering her is stressing about catching up on her school work, for Syracuse university. I know doctorate programs can be gruelling, but I’m sure they will give her some leeway. Still, she hasn’t gotten where she is by being lackadaisical.

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          • ibikenyc April 22, 2020 / 1:43 pm

            Indeed; LOL!

            (Please don’t give it another thought!)

            I had wondered where in the state she was but didn’t want to ask. YIKES! My understanding is that Doctoral stuff is tough even if you’re on top of it. Prayers that she’ll be back up to speed in no time ❤

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            • Lady Quixote/Linda Lee April 22, 2020 / 4:40 pm

              Thank you again for your prayers. I was chatting with my granddaughter today and in addition to working hard to catch up on her doctoral studies, she said she is doing a massive cleaning of their apartment. Whew!

              Her husband got sick first. He works at Harvard, although he is now doing his work from home, online. They met at Harvard when they were both students there, about five years ago. They were married less than a year ago. Right around the time of their marriage, she was accepted into the Syracuse U PhD program. She wasn’t going to accept at first, because it is so far from Harvard. But he insisted that she must not turn this opportunity down. He is a wonderful young man. And his grandmother, who is at least twenty years older than me, flew all the way from Pakistan for their wedding! I really don’t like to fly. But when I heard she was going to do that, I knew there was no excuse for me not to fly into Hartford, Connecticut, from New Mexico!

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              • ibikenyc April 23, 2020 / 12:10 pm

                Wow; Cambridge to Syracuse: What a schlep!

                I wish I had the gumption (and permission) to clean my own place. Nice to be young!

                Any time, my dear! I am just thrilled that they are both doing well 🙂 ❤

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                • Lady Quixote/Linda Lee April 23, 2020 / 12:15 pm

                  Right, his commute is almost four hours, when traffic is good! They met when they were both students at Harvard about 5 years ago. They got married last July. Just before they were married, my granddaughter was accepted into the PhD program at Syracuse University. As I understand, she wasn’t going to take it, because her husband had just been hired at Harvard. But he insisted that she must not turn the opportunity down. He really, REALLY loves her.

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                  • ibikenyc April 23, 2020 / 12:30 pm

                    Awwww. . . what a wonderful story 🙂 And kudos for getting yourself on a plane! I SO feel your pain about that. (What’s her field, if you wish to say?)

                    It’s really great that he’s able to work from home. Four hours is huge under any circumstances. Four hours including Boston Traffic deserves a medal!

                    (Many moons ago I dated a guy from up there and did, finally, get used to driving among them, but even by local standards, they’re all crazy behind the wheel!)

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                    • Lady Quixote/Linda Lee April 23, 2020 / 2:02 pm

                      Thank you ❤❤❤!

                      Her field is social anthropology. It’s weird, I still feel like I’m still in my early twenties. Which means that my granddaughter is now older than me! 😂

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                    • ibikenyc April 24, 2020 / 9:11 am

                      I won’t even begin to pretend I know what that is, but it sounds interesting. What sort of work does she wish to do (assuming, of course, that it’s not a purely-educational pursuit)?

                      Gertrude Stein is credited with having said “We are always the same age inside.”

                      Oh, inDEED! The thirty-year-old girl I really am is occasionally startled by that, uh. . . OLDER woman who shows up in the mirror; LOL!

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                    • Lady Quixote/Linda Lee April 24, 2020 / 9:58 am

                      Lol. It’s a relief to know I’m not alone in wondering what a social anthropologist is and does! 😂

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  4. hatrack4 April 20, 2020 / 10:36 am

    I check my spam folder daily, since a lot that is not spam goes in there. My wife has a spam folder that is truly junk mail, but the other day, I checked it anyway. HOW DID YOU KNOW????

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  5. successbmine April 20, 2020 / 8:51 pm

    Good one Linda. I have Outlook and my spam is on my server site, so I never check it. Maybe I’m missing something. 🙂

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    • Lady Quixote/Linda Lee April 20, 2020 / 9:09 pm

      Until only a few months ago, I never checked my spam folde, either. But then something weird happened — all of my comments that I was leaving on other people’s blogs started going straight to their spam folder! This waa happening even with blogs that I had previously left comments on. My best blogger friends weren’t even seeing my new comments anymore, because most of them also don’t check their spam folder. But one of my blogger friends did check her spam folder, and she saw my latest comments there. She told me about finding my comments in spam, otherwise I wouldn’t have known what was happening.

      I tried getting help from WP customer service, but their person did not find the problem. Then I tried the customer service for askimet, which is the company that controls the spam for WordPress. They fixed the problem immediately, yaay! Now my comments no longer go to spam purgatory.

      Because of this very frustrating experience, I now check my spam folder regularly, to make sure that everything in there really is spam. The vast majority of them are spam, and I block and delete them. But I have found a few that weren’t spam, and I was able to rescue them. 😊

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      • successbmine April 23, 2020 / 6:39 pm

        That’s good to know Linda. I’ll have to keep that in mind. Yesterday I had a different problem. Our church prayer meeting was on Zoom for the first time last night but I couldn’t find an e-mail from the pastor with a link to join. I had about 300 new e-mails because I didn’t turn the computer on all of Tuesday. Finally, when the meeting was half over, I realized in checking each e-mail again that none of yesterdays had come into my Outlook inbox!. So I had to go to my server and found the link there. Crazy.

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        • Lady Quixote/Linda Lee April 23, 2020 / 7:10 pm

          My email has been doing things like that, too. Maybe because so many people are home and online now.


  6. @preacherbiker April 21, 2020 / 1:16 am

    Yeah you checked your email

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