Another prayer request

Today I learned that my granddaughter and her husband are sick. They live in New York.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for my anonymous loved one’s surgery yesterday. The surgery went well, now we are waiting for the biopsy report.

My New York granddaughter is in this old photo. So is the loved one that just had surgery. And no, I’m not talking about Frazier. As far as I know, he hasn’t had any recent surgery πŸ™‚


24 thoughts on “Another prayer request

  1. dbest1ishere April 4, 2020 / 4:08 pm

    I’m sorry they are sick and I pray for their healing

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  2. Tazzie April 4, 2020 / 4:42 pm

    Oh Linda my thoughts are with you and Your family.

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  3. ibikenyc April 4, 2020 / 6:34 pm

    I am praying, too, Linda ❀

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  4. bornagain732 April 5, 2020 / 12:29 pm


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  5. lavenderandlevity April 8, 2020 / 6:36 pm

    Hugs. Hoping that four days in, they are dealing with a milder case, and wishing them all the best to get safely through the peak and the end of their first week still able to ride it out at home.

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