How are you doing in these trying times?


About twelve hours ago when the phone at my elbow blared a loud, piercing tone, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. The tone was a Severe Emergency Alert from the governor of New Mexico, informing us that we are not to leave our homes except for “emergency essential outings.”

The good news is that I did not have a heart attack. Uhm, I think that’s good news. 😉


These are trying times, for real. I believe it’s especially important right now to be very gentle with ourselves and with each other. Stay Safe and Stay Sane — that’s my new motto. It’s easier said than done though, right?

Please feel free to share in the comments below about how you are getting through this unprecedented time. Advice, complaints, all are welcome. Here’s a great big grandma’s ((HUG)) if you want one. With social distancing built right in. 😀

Keep Calm and Sew a Mask

The following is an excerpt by Roberta Estes, author of the blog DNA Explained:


Urgent Need – Masks!!

Project N95 was begun just 72 hours ago as an entirely volunteer effort to coordinate the need and delivery of N95 (covid) masks and other personal protective gear for our medical professionals. Click here to see what’s needed and where.

An army of sewers and quilters have taken up the mantle to provide masks to individuals who need masks, but not necessarily the Covid-19 masks, freeing up those masks for those who really do need them.

If you would like to help with a donation of material, time, money or sewing masks, please coordinate to be sure that the masks are being accepted by a facility near you. Also, note that elastic does not survive an autoclave. I’ve been using bias tape for the ties or t-shirt material which is stretchy and doesn’t fray.

Some institutions only accept specific patterns, so don’t start sewing with great intentions only to have your masks be rejected or thrown away.

Here’s a FaceBook group, COVID Mask Crafters, that is coordinating request, supplies, sewing and distribution efforts.

JoAnn Fabric in many locations is coordinating both requests and masks through their local stores. Some are even providing free kits for people willing to make the masks.

EQuilter has provided this information:

Dear Sewing Community,

Passing on this message:

There is a critical shortage of face masks for health professionals and first-responders.

We have been asked to mobilize our community to do what we do best: sew.

We are calling on you all now to share the “Keep Calm and Sew a Mask” campaign on all of your social media platforms.

There is a tremendous need for masks that tie at the top and the bottom, as seen above.

A large hospital uses hundreds of thousands of masks a week — so we need to move as quickly as we can.

To start making an impact, get your materials ready and click the link below:

Also see these crucial details offered by our friend Rachel Wallis:…/15Y2_5fFWuog_o4q3CjhpdfFC8LX…/edit

Many thanks to Andover Fabrics for sharing this today.

Providence Hospital is desperately asking for people who sew to join their “100 Million Masks” challenge.

Call your local hospital, EMTs, police and firefighters, doctors’ offices, senior living facilities, rehabilitation facilities or elder-care facilities. Masks are needed for so many people in our health care system, including janitorial staff.

…. Click here for the full article by Roberta Estes: