“God draws near to the brokenhearted. He leans toward those who are suffering. He knows what it feels like to be wounded and abandoned.” ~John D. Richardson




Mitch Teemley

Abandoned cars, ships, factories, houses. Some seem lonely, orphaned. Others deserve their fate. They cry, “I was beautiful and important once!” And we reply, “No, you never were.” Many are beautiful only now that they’ve been reclaimed by a splendor which existed long before their human creators, desperate for immortality, gave them their garish facades. The more they merge with the world around them, one that existed long before they were born, the more the beauty of that world and of its Creator adorns them. How many people are the same?

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“The smell hit her first. Mold. Dampness. Cold lifeless things. Within, there was a darker sort of silence, as if the building had been holding its breath for so long it had forgotten how to breathe.”  ~Angela Panayotopulo

          “All is as if…

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