A Poem for the Broken and Lonely


When I see that look
In a stranger’s eyes
The look that says
They don’t feel worthy
Life is scary
Lonely and hard
And they have no one
Who really cares

I try to catch their eye
And give them a smile
A word of encouragement
To simply acknowledge
Their existence
And let them know
They matter
They are important
And I care.

“Hello! How are you?
My name is Linda
What’s your name?
God bless you, I hope you
Have a good day!”

Why do I do this
With random strangers
On the street
In a store
Sitting alone
In the back of the church

Because I was that one
With hopeless eyes
Lost and lonely
Feeling unworthy
I was the Nobody
That no one was ever
Happy to see
Yes, that was me.

But here and there
I met a few people
Who saw me
As a fellow human being
Worthy of notice
Worthy of kindness
Worthy of love
And they showed me
They really did care.

All it takes is a smile
A hello
A simple “How are you?”
To turn someone’s life
Completely around.

Linda Lee Adams @LadyQuixote
10 November 2019