I Don’t Want to Forgive

This is wonderful. I needed to read this today. Especially after a discussion I had last night about a certain person that’s going to be at my granddaughter’s wedding in July.

. . . I need to read this again, right now.

New Hope for Dry Bones

I’m not going to try to tell you Joseph didn’t have any animosity toward his brothers. There are a couple of complete chapters in Genesis where Joseph give his brothers the run-around after finally seeing them again and they didn’t recognize him all dressed up in his “ruler of Egypt” outfit.

No, it seems to me that Joseph was a man like any other man who has thoughts of what he’d do if he had the chance to even up the score.

So, he played a few pranks on them while he was deciding if he was going to take the high road or the low road.

He was completely justified in the eyes of anyone that knows his story to do a little retaliation. He had the power to do whatever he wanted with them, even to impale them on poles like the king did with the baker (God…

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