After sitting here laughing over Kathy’s story about running to the window to see her neighbor glowing in the dark, I just had to repost this so you can laugh, too. I’m about a decade behind Kathy, but I definitely relate to this post about getting older. 😀 😁 😂



There are some days when I feel full of energy and ready to leap tall buildings with a single bound and then I realize that I’m almost 77 and my cape has long since worn out.  It’s then that my thoughts of conquering the world get set back on the shelf and I start to act my age.

When we reach this point in life, many of our friends have already gone to heaven.  All our worldly goods are now considered antiques.  We crash at 8:30 PM and rise at 5:30 AM.  We put our teeth in a cup, our eyes and ears on the nightstand, roll out of bed with vigor, but are soon reminded that our muscles aren’t what they used to be and spend half an hour trying to stand upright  Your body has lost the battle with gravity.  Everything hangs about five inches lower than it…

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