Abundant Life

When I was in nursing school many years ago, my assignment one day was to observe an open heart surgery from start to finish. I was staunchly agnostic, almost an atheist, in those days. But as I stood at the head of the patient and watched as the surgeon opened the chest and retracted the rib cage… as I stared in wonder at the beating heart and breathing lungs… suddenly, I knew that there had to be an intelligent designer. Our Creator Father God!

Every heartbeat is a miracle. Every heartbeat is Abundant Life.

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A New Life


A deep belly laughter from a wholesome joke…Abundant Life.

Satisfaction with yourself over a tough task….Abundant Life.

Looking into your loved ones and truly seeing them, their desires…Abundant Life.

Waking each new day with excitement, not dread…Abundant Life.

Feeling a peace that passes ALL understanding down in your gut…Abundant Life.

Knowing when ancient temptations come your way, saying no is easier than it ever was…Abundant Life.

Saying no and not feeling regret…Abundant Life.

Looking forward to death with no fear…Abundant Life.

What does abundant life look like to you? Please comment as I’d love to hear more examples!

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