It’s Official, Spring is Here! (My first YouTube video)


I took this very short video clip last week, on March 23. I heard the musical sound of the ice cream truck, grabbed my phone and ran to the front door as it drove by. That’s it, it’s officially spring here in New Mexico!

If ice cream trucks were a part of your childhood, be sure to turn up the sound. It will take you right back! Hopefully it will bring back some good memories. 😊



Happy Spring Equinox 2019!



I took this picture three days ago, as I was driving back from church. Is it a goat? Is it an antelope? No, it’s a species of caprid, a type of goat-antelope, known as a Barbary Sheep. Native to North Africa, it was introduced to North America at some point in the distant past. According to Wikipedia, the Barbary Sheep typically live in small wild herds, in steep canyons and rocky mountains. Why this lone guy has been grazing in our neighborhood for the past four months, far from any canyons or rocky mountains, no one knows.

My husband and I have seen him grazing near our home a couple of times. He gets our two rescue dogs very excited. I tried to give him an apple the other day, but he wasn’t interested. My hubby, on the other hand, said “Hey, I wanted to eat that apple!” In the end, our neighborhood Road Runner probably ate it. The Road Runner was heading straight for the apple, the last time I saw it.

I’ve taken several pictures and a short video clip of the Barbary Sheep, while talking to him in a soft, gentle voice. He seems interested in what I have to say, just as long as I don’t get too close. Or try to give him an apple. 😁

Happy Spring! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate it. God bless! Oh, and if you happen to be driving anywhere in east central New Mexico, watch out for a wild, but cautiously friendly, sheep-goat-antelope! πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜