Do “All Things” Really Work For Good?

I just discovered this blog called Unshakable Hope a couple of months ago, and I am inspired, humbled, and amazed by Bill Sweeny, the author of this post! Bill has had ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, for the past 22 years. For many years he has been completely paralyzed, unable to walk, talk, eat, or do anything other than move his eyes, which is how he types his blog posts, on a special computer. And yet, despite everything, Bill Sweeney has Unshakable Hope!

My Complex PTSD stems from multiple severe traumas and abuses that occurred throughout my childhood and early adulthood. For many years I was staunchly agnostic, almost an atheist, because I could not understand how a perfectly good, loving, all-knowing and all powerful God could allow so much suffering in this world.

But for the past 15 and a half years, I have been a Christ follower and believer — NOT because all of my questions have been answered, which they haven’t been, but simply because the preponderance of the evidence in my life compels me to believe. Today I really do believe in a holy, all-knowing, and all powerful God, a God who is perfect love, even when life is harder than hard and totally unfair, and even when I do not understand.

And yes, like Bill Sweeney explains in this incredible post, I have come to believe that all things really do work together for the ultimate good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose. The further along I get in writing my memoir, my real-life horror to hope and healing story, the more I can see the truth in this statement. God has brought a great deal of good into my life, out of all the trauma that I have lived through!

Comments are closed here, please stop by the original blog and wish Bill and his wife a happy anniversary — today is their 33rd. And please read Bill’s post all the way to the end, it gets even more amazing the further down you read.

Thank you for stopping by, and God bless. If you are like I was for so many years and you don’t believe in all this “God stuff,” I totally get that! My advice is to keep an open mind and heart and keep seeking Truth. You will find the truth, if you seek the truth with all of your heart, regardless of what it may cost you. It’s a promise in scripture and this is how it happened to me, 15 years ago at the age of almost 50!

Here is a great big grandma’s ((HUG)) if you want one. Now, read Bill’s latest post and prepare to be amazed!

Unshakable Hope

Before I begin this post, I feel like I owe the readers of my last post an apology.
When I started this Unshakable Hope blog over six years ago, I set some guidelines for myself. One of these guidelines was replying to every comment made. I figure, if people took the time to read and comment on a post, I at least owed them a “Thank You.” Besides, I enjoy interacting with my readers; my friends.

I didn’t reply to even one comment. Mary and I read every comment on our own, and then she read them out loud to me. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments and for your prayers – both of these help us to persevere.

As I mentioned in the perseverance post on my birthday, Friday, October 5th, I planned on posting it on September 23rd, but I woke up that Monday morning with…

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