Bug off

I had to reblog this, because this is a blog about healing from PTSD and laughter is great medicine. 😁

Right now, my husband and I are battling the worst insect invasion that I have ever seen. Caterpillars, mainly. Zillions of them. Within one week they ate nearly 90% of the leaves off of our big front yard tree. They have covered our yard several inches deep with caterpillar droppings — that’s right, YUCK. Plus they have brought along their many happy predators, mainly spiders, flies, and every variety of ant you can imagine. I captured and killed a black widow spider a couple of evenings ago, as it went after a caterpillar. Red-backed jumping spiders, wolf spiders, you name it. We also have seen several big hairy tarantulas lounging in and around our house, and so far we have captured and killed two toxic bark scorpions inside our house. We have a Creepy Crawlie Party going on, 24-7.

Last Sunday my stepdaughter visited and she was speechless. “Have you ever seen anything like this?” I asked her. “Only in a horror movie,” she said.

Regardless of what’s going on — like my wonderful husband almost being arrested yesterday — Bluebird of Bitterness never fails to lighten my mood. BoB is better than an antidepressant, or a glass of wine! I especially like the first picture on this post, lol. I also love Bluebird’s very timely Thought For The Day:

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here. If you have already abandoned hope, please disregard this message.


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