I Got A Flu Shot In November, But Now I Have The Flu

I would attach a picture to this post of me in a face mask (to prevent the spread of germs), but I can’t seem to access my pictures. It must be because of my 102.6 fever, scrambling my brain.

My husband got sick first. Two days ago he tested positive for influenza type A. He was put on Tamiflu and is doing much better. But now, I apparently have it.

We both had our flu shots, but here we are, sick as dogs. Actually, our dogs aren’t sick at all, but they do look very worried about their mommy and daddy. The 20  pound poodle and the 70 pound golden retriever/boxer mix keep going back and forth between us.  They are very comforting. I just hope tbey don’t get this flu, I read that animals can get type A.

My stepdaughter took me to the hospital emergency room when she got off work, because my fever was so high. But we were told the wait for me to be seen would be six hours. I could not handle that, so I made a dr appointment for tomorrow and went back home.

I haven’t been this sick in a long time. I hope this flu epidemic stops soon!