This poem by Kathy Boecher about the evil of racism is beautiful and heartbreaking.

We need another Martin Luther King Jr.

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A dream was hatched by a man,

A dream which allowed him to see the future,

Which gave him a glimpse of black and white co-existing,

Without complication,

Without hatred,

Without malice,

It was a dream which God gave to him,

A dream which we prayed would come to be,

A dream that should be reality,

But somehow became shrouded in darkness,

Smoldering into a flame that would not be consumed,

A raging fire, fed by rioting, violence, protest,

Hatred, malice and complication,

When will we learn,

We are all the same in God’s eyes,

We all have a place here,

If we don’t live together in unity,

We will surely perish,

If only dreams came true.

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