This is the best post I have ever read on the topic of having a narcissistic parent.

I am both a daughter of and ex wife of extremely malignant narcissists. I am now in my sixties. My children and my grandchildren are all grown. I know from a lifetime of experience that everything in this post by Pastor Dave Orrison is true:

Grace for my Heart

It’s Narcissist Friday!     

From time to time I get a comment or an email asking how to protect the children from the effects of the narcissist in the family.  Usually, the scenario is a mother who either is married to a narcissist or is recently separated/divorced from a narcissist.  In either case, the continuing relationship of the narcissist with the children is troubling.  Even those who divorce usually have custody and visitation connections.  Unless gross abuse can be proved, so that one parent loses all rights and contact with the kids, the connection with the narcissist will continue throughout the childhood years.

So what to do?  How can you protect the kids from narcissistic abuse?  What can you do to help them stay or become healthy and well-adjusted?

Let’s begin by admitting the truth.  Narcissists manipulate.  They use relationships to feed their own desires.  They do not consider…

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