Accepted and acceptable: overcoming shame

Here is another awesome “Top Ten” blog post that is so good, I just had to share it with my readers. This article is written by Katie on her Dreams of a Better World blog. Katie’s gentle words of truth are like healing balm for the scapegoat’s wounded soul.

I have copied and pasted two excerpts from Katie’s post that particularly resonated with me:
“Those family of origin persecutors that so profoundly rejected me are no longer active in my life, and yet, they can be active in my mind.” — Yes, unfortunately, I frequently have this same battle going on in my mind.

“Learning the difference between shame and conscience is crucial, one is liberating, the other only brings despair and hopelessness.  The condemning voice that robs one of hope and well being can be recognized by its fruit of despair.   Conviction, by contrast, always has the hope of forgiveness and restoration attached to it.” — Amen! I am so grateful for Godly conviction! This is the kind of truth that may hurt, but will ultimately set us free, when the truth is spoken in love.

These wise words from Prairie Girl’s comment under Katie’s post are incredibly thought-provoking:
“Your post gave me the thought that internalizing the voices of our abuser/s was something that couldn’t be avoided. We were children and God made children to be like sponges, to be able to rapidly gain knowledge of the world around us without having to analyze everything that came by our minds. How deep those words and concepts against us were seeped into our minds and souls. To remove them would be like attempting to separate soil from sand. …. What brings me hope is that the separation of what is true or not true about me isn’t a task God expects me to do alone.” — WOW!! Spot on!!!!

Finally, the following two excerpts from Katie’s reply to Prairie Girl’s astute comment sums it up beautifully:
“I think of that passage that the Word of God is sharper than a two edged sword discerning truth versus lie. We can let it do its work in us, taking heed to scripture but expecting if something supernatural happens to our insight it wasn’t because we willed it but the grace of God as always. So, this is the other part of this blog, that even the discernment is beyond us. We did absorb things we weren’t aware of absorbing, but, we can absorb new things as well with a renewed mind. The battle is the Lords…”


“…real fellowship is hard to find. People aren’t authentic when they are shamed based. Hiding behind those fig leaves still of performance and alienating each other. The church is filled with folks behind masks as is the world. Still we have to be wise about vulnerability” — Amen!!

How beautiful these women, Katie and Prairie Girl, are to me!

~ ~ ~

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