All are welcome…

This is so beautiful, I came back here to read it again this morning, before getting ready for church.

This post, and the one I reblogged four days ago, which was written by this blogger’s husband, are the two best blog articles that I have ever read. And I have read hundreds, probably thousands, since I discovered blogs more than six years ago.

My favorite part of this wonderful post are the words “broken people do broken things” and the following three paragraphs:

“I cannot help but wonder what would have happened to us all if Jesus Christ had allowed that woman to be stoned to death, if he refused to touch the leper, or if he threw Mary Magdalene out of the house during his fellowship with the Pharisees. What if He never called Lazarus out of the tomb, allowed the blind man to see, or reached out to the despised tax collectors? What if He sent all of those people away and refused to feed them because He was annoyed that they were mooching off of Him and the disciples? What if He refused to speak to the woman at the well because of her bad reputation?

Or, what if David, a man after God’s own heart, had been rebuked mightily by God and rejected as a servant or a king? Whew, I don’t know what Bible some people read, but my Bible is chock full of some seriously screwed up people who went on to do amazing things simply because they held fast to their faith.

And, you know what? I am a seriously screwed up human being myself and I am holding fast to my faith.”


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