Voter Fraud or Computer Glitch?

My stepdaughter, who lives next door to us and works at a nearby military base, was eager to cast her vote early this morning. But when she handed in her voter registration card and the clerk scanned it into the system, she was told that according to the computer, she has already voted.

My stepdaughter was in tears. Her name is so unique that I doubt if anyone else on this planet has ever had the same name, so I don’t see how this could be a case of mistaken identity.

Someone told me it’s probably a computer glitch. Really??

My stepdaughter was given a “provisional” vote and told that she must go before a county judge to have her vote counted.

The clerk who signed me in to vote this morning told me that she has been working elections since 1976 and has never seen a voter turnout like this one. “The morning isn’t half over yet and we’ve already had more voters come in than we’ve ever had before, in an entire election day!” she said.

While I was waiting my turn to vote, I heard someone else being told that according to the computer, he had already voted…

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