The Best Gift Ever!


I got the mail yesterday morning before taking the two dogs for two separate walks. In the mailbox was an envelope addressed from my younger son. I took the envelope with me and waited until the big dog and I were in the park, about half a mile from our house, before I opened it.

It was a card that says “Just A Note” on the front. Taped inside the card was a keychain with a silver charm of a heart set inside a crescent moon. Engraved on the heart are the words “I love you”. Engraved on the moon are the words “to the moon and back”.

My birthday and Mother’s Day are more than half a year away. Christmas is more than two months away. What prompted my son to send me this wonderful gift now? I have no idea.

With tears streaming down my face, and with the big dog tethered to my belt, I lifted my arms in the air and praised God for giving me this son. I am especially grateful for the restoration of our relationship after it had been nearly destroyed by my disastrous marriage and divorce from his father years ago, by a couple of scapegoating haters, and by my own brokenness.

People were around me as I cried and lifted my hands in worship, but I did not care. My 35-year-old son loves his mama to the moon and back! How awesome is that!!

~ ~ ~

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