Severe Weather Adrenaline Rush: Last Night We Had Another Tornado

I took this picture of a fiery sunset a few miles from our house about five years ago. The sunset last night, before our tornado warned storm, was just as spectacular. (The pipes in the field are for irrigation.)

Whew… at around 1 a.m. last night, just as I was about to go to bed, our town’s tornado warning siren went off. Unfortunately, we don’t have an underground shelter close by. But our house is built out of solid 1/2″ thick shiplap, so I brought my stepdaughter and her 3 dogs in here with us. They live in a trailer in our back yard, which is the worst place to be in a tornado.

With a total of five terrified dogs bouncing off the walls and a thunderstorm raging outside, my husband turned on the television. An emergency weather bulletin reported that a tornado had been spotted a few miles southeast of our town. It was heading our way, according to the radar map. The bulletin also said that tennis ball sized hail was coming our way.

We got a lot of very hard rain, lightning, thunder, and high winds. But we did not get any hail and there was no damage to our property, thank the Lord!

My advice to anyone thinking of moving to the high plains of west Texas or east New Mexico: Don’t Do It! Unless you are a storm chasing excitement junkie and you happen to enjoy the random adrenaline rush!

Also, if you are interested in purchasing an 80-year-old Craftsman style house that has weathered a super cell storm with baseball to softball sized hail, a two-day hurricane-strength Goliath blizzard, lightning striking the tree in the side yard, a mesocyclone, countless dust storms, and several miniature flash floods caused by monsoons, all of which have happened in the six years since we moved here: have I got a deal for you!!

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