Pause Before Reacting to Drama

Here’s an excellent post written by a new blogger friend, Mary Humphrey:

His Pasture Press

Well, it is early in the new year, and I am already dealing with what I call “people problems.” Drama. Similar to Junior High School stuff.

I feel that texting makes drama worse. Texting can be deemed as harsh because we do not write in-depth when we text. When we text, we write in shorter sentences and with less description (compared to writing a blog or an email). I call it cryptic writing, meaning, the text may leave us feeling as if we need to decode or analyze it, and especially in dramatic situations, texts may hold hidden meanings. (Yes, I am laughing as I write this. What a mess we put ourselves into when we text in this manner!)

Here is another downfall to texting drama – you never know who the text is going to be copied and sent to. Also, there is a problem with group texting…

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