Fun Wheelchair Facts and Stories — The Wheelchair Teen

On this Sunday morning, the first day of our USA Thanksgiving week, I can’t think of anything more appropriate to share with you than this delightful post written by a beautiful young woman who calls her blog The Wheelchair Teen: My life as a black, disabled teenager. I have had some experience with wheelchairs, which I described in a long comment that I just posted on The Wheelchair Teen’s blog. But this beautiful girl’s ‘Fun Wheelchair Facts and Stories’ has given me a whole new perspective. Read and enjoy! ❤

Since I’ve been busier than usual this week, I decided to write a fun post where I shared fifteen, short interesting wheelchair facts and personal disability stories to put a smile on your face and show you what it’s like to be a disabled teen: . My first wheelchair was pink and had a picture […]

Fun Wheelchair Facts and Stories — The Wheelchair Teen